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Termite professionals at A1 Termite and Pest Control will take care of all your termite and pest control problems. Located in Los Angeles, CA we offer extremely effective termite services for both residential homes and commercial businesses at an affordable price. We will perform a free termite inspection of your premise to determine what type of termite infestation you have, how bad it is, and if they caused any structural damage.

Our experienced pest exterminators can even provide repairs for damage caused by dry rot, termites, and fungus. We also perform pre-purchase termite inspection for homebuyers and pre-selling termite inspection for sellers. Just let us know how we can help!

We have a solution For all your termite infestations

  • Termite Inspection

    Our expert team of exterminators will conduct a full scale inspection of your home. We will find the root of the infestation, start from the base of the problem and then complete the eradication of termites throughout the infected areas.

  • Spot Treatment

    Spot treatment is used for less severe termite infestations. We will treat the specific areas where we know the termites are located by drilling into wood and injecting the termiticides directly. This method is very effective and safe for the whole family.

  • Fumigation (Tenting)

    Fumigation is used more for severe termite infestations. At A1 Termite and Pest Control, we only use the best known sources to treat your property, with what is known as the Vikane Gas. The Vikane Gas eliminates 100% of dry wood termites!

  • Termite & Fungus Wood Repair

    The purchase or sale of a home is a huge deal. You would want to identify any type of necessary structural repairs needed to the home due to termite infestations. We can help recognize what types of repairs are needed, as well the structural reconstruction.

More than just termite infestations

Exterminators do more than simply find termites, kill termites, and make sure they never return. They create a psychological sensation making sure that you feel your family and pets are safe. They give you a cleansing, joyous feeling to where you know your home is termite free and know there is nothing lurking around.

A1 Termite and Pest Control employs only the most well versed, well rounded, and experienced termite exterminators. You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it’s a simple termite inspection, a quick termite spot treatment, a hefty – long needed fumigation, or a ground up structural reconstruction.

At A1 Termite and Pest Control, we treat what we do has a form of high art: it’s beautiful, elegant, timeless, and impressive.