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Are termites dangerous?

Termites may bite and sting but aren’t exactly dangerous to our health. They don’t carry harmful diseases to humans or pets, however they can cause painful stings and/or allergic reactions when bitten. It is also known that termites can cause as asthma attacks for those who are prone. The real threat from termites lies within your home. The destruction they can cause to your home can be more than just expensive. In a matter of a few years they can tear down the interior structure of your home and cost up to tens of thousands of dollars in wood repair. These termites can sometimes go undetected so at the first sign of a termite, you should definitely get an inspection performed to save yourself from the possibility of a termite colony growing within the interior of our home.

How much does termite control cost? Is it expensive?

The cost of termite control can be quite expensive. The cost of termite control highly depends on the severity of the termite infestation. During the inspection the technician will see how far the infestation has spread within your home and how deeply the infestation is rooted. If termites are located in just certain parts of your home, they will perform “Spot Treatment” which is considerably inexpensive. The average cost of spot treatment can be anywhere from $100 – $300 depending on how many different places the termites are located. If the severity of your infestation is serious and has spread throughout your home, the inspector will suggest that you get a termite fumigation also known as “tenting”. This is when they tent your home and use chemicals to rid the termites within your home. The cost of a termite fumigation is expensive. There are several different methods and/or chemicals that can be used which does affect the cost of the price. There is also the square footage of your home which would also be a huge factor. In all, the average cost of a fumigation can range anywhere from $1,500 up to $3,000.

Do I need professional service or can I take care of this on my own?

Depending on the severity of the termite infestation you could possibly take care of it on your own. Purchasing over the counter products to rid termites can work, but isn’t recommended. You should know what you are doing when dealing with these harmful chemicals. More importantly, because the detection of termites is so difficult, you can possibly take care of the infestation in one area of your home, but easily skip other places within your home where the infestation lies. You may think that you saved a lot of money by doing this on your own, but in the end, you can possibly end up paying much more due to wood repairs and then paying a termite company to fully rid all termites within your home. Termite infestations can grow rapidly so taking care of if the right way the first time is only an investment for the future.

How did termites get into my home?

One of the most common ways termites get in your home is through wood-to-ground contact. This includes door frames, deck posts, and porch steps which are the best entries and gateways for termites. Subterranean termites also enter homes through cracks in the foundation and cracks in brick mortar.

The reason termites come into peoples homes is because they need to feed. Termites thrive off of moisture and heat, and feed off of wood. This is why termites appear when the weather tends to get a bit warmer, and are attracted to areas where they maybe excessive water and moisture. Such places can be near pools where there are puddles of water close to the foundation, near the Air Conditioner where puddles of water may form, and also areas around the home where it may still be damp from the winter rains.

How do I know if I have termites?

You technically wont know if you have termites until you actually see them. There really is no real way to know if you have termites until you physically see these pests. They are known as the silent killers as they can arise into your home out of nowhere. Termites come out during the spring and early summer as the weather gets warmer. They need to feed and reproduce so there is a high chance you may see these pests if you have a home made of wood and live in areas where it may be damp.